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[01-13] Astrazeneca and Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences (SIBS) Announce Research Collaboration

[06-18] 2013 Shanghai Symposium on Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Metabolism (PUFA2013) has been held in Shanghai

  Research Progress
[12-16] Novel Findings in the Relationship between Dietary Patterns, Fatty Acids Biomarkers and Risk of Metabolic Diseases in Chinese Population

[09-09] Researchers Uncover the New Function and Mechanism of TRAF6 in Tumorigenesis

[09-03] Scientists reveal the Crystal Structure of Allophanate Hydrolase

[07-19] Researchers Uncover a Novel Model about the Second-step Splicing Regulation

[07-02] Researchers Reveal Subepicardial Endothelial Cells Working as a Major Source for Coronary Arteries in Embryonic Ventricle Wall

[06-25] Researchers Reveal a Novel Function of Prolactin Receptor in the Regulation of Insulin Sensitivity

[04-22] Researchers Reveal a Novel Mechanism for Vascular Remodeling in Response to Injury

[04-15] Researchers Uncovers New Mechanisms That Regulate Wnt/Wingless Signaling

[03-18] Researchers reveal a novel mechanism underlying central nervous system (CNS) control of hepatic insulin resistance

[04-24] INS Excellence Seminar Series: 科研的设计与创意

[04-22] INS Excellence Seminar Series: 细胞重编程与胚胎发育

[04-15] INS Excellence Seminar Series: 活细胞分子活动实时成像与操控技术

[04-14] INS Excellence Seminar Series: 脂代谢与肥胖发生

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[10-16] Faculty/Group Leader Positions for Food Safety Research
[09-01] Group Leader positions
[03-10] Job Opportunities in INS
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