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[05-05] Higher Vitamin D Levels Associated with Bett

[01-13] Astrazeneca and Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences (SIBS) Announce Research Collaboration

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[08-23] Scientists reveal novel mechanisms underlying regulation of glucose metabolism and glucose homeostasis by miR-451 and glycerol kinase

[08-23] Scientists discover the role of programmed cell death related proteins in suppressing lymphoaccumulative disease and activating NLRP3 inflammasome

[07-21] Scientists discover the role of plasma acylcarnitines profile in early prediction of type 2 diabetes

[07-12] Scientists reveal a novel role of miR-182 in glucose homeostasis

[07-12] Scientists discover a new phosphorylation at BECN1 for energy-sensing signaling on autophagy

[05-30] Scientists reveal the crystal structure of Glycogen debranching enzyme (GDE)

[05-30] Scientists discover the role of FOG2 in insulin sensitivity and hepatic lipid metabolism

[09-20] INS Excellence Seminar Series:Vitamin D intake and colorectal cancer: a large population based study in Canada

[08-26] INS Seminar Series on Nutrition and Metabolism: Cryo-EM Studies of Interplays between Proteins and Membrane Lipids

[07-22] 2016 Shanghai Sysposium on Lipid Metabolism and Related Diseases & 8th Biannual Meeting of International HNE-Club

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[10-16] Faculty/Group Leader Positions for Food Safety Research
[09-01] Group Leader positions
[03-10] Job Opportunities in INS
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