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Yan Chen
Laboratory of Signal Transduction and Nutrition-related Diseases
Qiurong Ding
Laboratory of Human Genetics and Metabolic Diseases
Shengzhong Duan
Laboratory of Nuclear Receptors in Metabolism and Diseases
Jing Fang
Laboratory of Nutrition and Cancer
Ying Feng
Laboratory of RNA splicing and its role in disease and development
Ying Gao
Laboratory of Epigenetics and Nutrition-related Chronic Diseases
Feifan Guo
Laboratory of genetic and nutritional regulation of metabolic Diseases
Jiansheng Kang
Laboratory of Mitochondrial Motility and Neurodegenerative & Metabolic Diseases
Yingying Le
Laboratory of Nutrition and Inflammation Related Diseases
Yu Li
Laboratory of Signal Transduction and Metabolism
Xu Lin
Laboratory of Human Nutrition and Related Diseases
Yi Liu
Laboratory of Molecular pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes and obesity
Yong Liu
Laboratory of Metabolic Regulation and Metabolic Diseases
Zhixue Liu
Laboratory of
Haiyun Song
Laboratory of metabolic signaling pathways
Hui Wang
Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology
Aibo Wu
Laboratory of Mycotoxin Research and Food Safety
Song Xiang
Laboratory of Structural Biological Studies of Nutrition Related Processes
Dong Xie
Laboratory of Molecular Cancer Biology
Chenghua Yang
Laboratory of Targeted Cancer therapy and translational medicine
Huiyong Yin
Laboratory of Fatty Acid Metabolism in Human Nutrition and Related Diseases
Hao Ying
Laboratory of Gene Regulation in Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases
Ying Yu
Laboratory of membrane phospholipid metabolism and cardiovascular diseases
Qiwei Zhai
Laboratory of Nutrition & Chronic Metabolic Diseases
Lixin Zhan
Laboratory of cell polarity & cancer metabolism
Haibing Zhang
Laboratory of Cell death and Immunometabolism
Yan Zhang
Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Trace Element Metabolic and Regulatory Network
Bin Zhou
Laboratory of Cardiovascular Development and Regeneration
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